DGS&D – C1 eProcurement contracts under investigation

DGS&D – C1 eProcurement contracts under investigation

“E. Verwalten” <everwalten@gmail. com> wrote:

Indian Express Investigation 30th March 2008

Indian Express Investigation 8th April 2008

Is NISG involved in this scam ??

Is Joint Secretray of eGovernance of INDIA involved in this ??

Is NIC involved in this eProcurement Scam ???
Is UNDP involved in this Scam ??
Is World Bank Involved in this Scam ??

On Thu, Jul 13, 2006 at 8:25 AM, Venkatappa Kumaraswamy <vmkumaraswamy@ gmail.com> wrote:

NISG need to LEARN to RESPOND to EMAILS first to solve problems that it has created in INDIA.

Mr. R. Chandrashekar needs to respond for emails and answerable to all these email letters. He can’t escape. RTI will make him to do it.

We all know that Mr. R. Chandrshekar came from AP to DIT/MIT.  This is when the idea of formimg NISG was started by Mr. R. Chandrashekar. He had a motive behind forming the NISG.

Mr. J. Sathyanarayana is also from AP. He was made the CEO of NISG. These are all understanding between these TWO IAS Officers to DERAIL the eGovernance in INDIA. Also these TWO probably had ideas helping few companies with a motive behind it. These can be seen and read through the DATAQUEST article called E-Governance MUDDLE. This article has exposed the CLOSE RELATINSHIP of NISG with PWC, RAM INFOTECH, CMS and otehr companies.

Mr. J. Sathyanarayana be fore becoming CEO of NISG has cretaed problems of eProcurement SCAM in AP. We all know about this now. He has convinced the WORLDBANK also on C 1 INDIA eProcurement SCAM.

NISG can’t HIDE under Mr. R. Chandrashekar of DIT/MIT to PROTECT from wrong doings. This is happenning.
How long Mr. R. Chandrashekar is going to keep on doing this ?

Formation of NISG is itself QUESTIONABLE now ? How did Mr. R. Chandrashekar made UNDP to INVEST FUNDS into NISG without CABINET APPROVAL ?

UNDP has been led by Governament of INDIA.

NISG need to post all the SOURCES of FUNDS and USES of FUNDS on it’s WEBSITE that it has received from UNDP, MICROSOFT and all other MNC’s and WORLD BANK and other institutions.

NISG’S MOCKERY of eGovernance in INDIA :: Time to wind up NISG save eGovernance in INDIA from NONACCOUNTABILITY


http://egovindia. wordpress. com/2006/07/ 13/nisgs- mockery-of-egovernance- in-india- time- to-wind-up-nisg- save- egovernance- in-india- from- nonaccountability/



Want to know more. Write to me.
V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA

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