Hii .. on building a good e-gov roadmap for India – your intervention is needed

Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 19:51:37 -0800 (PST)
From: Umashankar C <umashankarc@yahoo.com>
Subject: Hii .. on building a good e-gov roadmap for India – your intervention is needed
To: sam.pitroda@c-sam.com
CC: vmkumaraswamy@yahoo.com


23rd Dec.2005
Dear Mr.Sam Pitroda,
Mr.Kumaraswamy, the founder-moderator of egovINDIA has been on my trail to write to you on e-governance plans in India.
Yes, you are one of the few leaders in the country who can bring about change in e-governance plans. The need of the hour is to make e-governance work for the common man, through the very same government / local body employees. Process automation based e-governance is the only route that can empower a nation in the long run. This had not been recognised by the bureaucrats who lead the movement at this moment. We seek your intervention to do a complete course correction.
I have written a 14 page long write up detailing my views on Indian e-governance scenario. Kindly go through the same and decide about your intervention.
I would like to meet you to discuss about these issues.
Please let me know your convenient time and venue so that I can come to your place and discuss the action plan.

C.Umashankar IAS., (TamilNadu Cadre)
e-governance expert.


Ph: 91-44-52054443

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